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Features: 20 King size cigarettes per pack – 10 packs per carton

    • Unparalleled Elegance: Experience the pinnacle of elegance with Elite Signature cigarettes, crafted for those who appreciate sophistication.
    • Exquisite and Refined: Indulge in an exquisite and refined smoking experience with the luxurious taste of Elite Signature.
    • For Discerning Connoisseurs: Elite Signature is designed for discerning connoisseurs who seek the highest standards of quality and taste.
    • Luxurious Presentation: Elevate your smoking ritual with the classy and elegant presentation of Elite Signature cigarettes.
Purchase this item and get 6-42 Points - a worth of $0.15-$1.05
Purchase this item and get 6-42 Points - a worth of $0.15-$1.05
Elite Signature Cigarettes Carton
Elite Signature

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