Hey there! Fancy a discount? How about introducing SmokeScan Canada to a buddy? It’s like setting up two friends on a blind date, but with cigarettes, and no awkward small talk.

Your pal gets top-notch smokes at killer prices, and you, my friend, get a sweet discount on your next purchase ($30.00 to be exact). Who knew playing matchmaker could be so rewarding? So, spread the word and let’s make the Smokes Canada community bigger, better, and smokier, one referral at a time!

Here’s how it works: Send a referral (either through email or social media) to any of your friends (or even all of them) and they will receive a coupon code.

Once they make their first purchase, you’ll receive a gift card for $30.00 right away!

They’ll get $10 on top of their first purchase discount (A free pack of smokes, 5% off and $10 store-credit).

NOTE: Referrals must be from a different address to be valid. We do not accept referrals from the same address.

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