Introducing Package Protection: Your Ultimate Tobacco Shopping Safeguard at Smokes Canada

At Smokes Canada, we recognize the significance of a seamless shopping experience, particularly when it comes to your tobacco needs. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new feature – Package Protection. This innovative addition is crafted with a singular aim: to enhance your tobacco purchasing process, making it smoother, safer, and more secure than ever.

  • Order Protection: Your Tobacco, Your Peace of Mind

Imagine this: You’ve just placed an order for your preferred tobacco products, eagerly anticipating their arrival. But what if something unforeseen occurs during transit? With Package Protection, your orders are now fully shielded against loss, theft, or damage. Indeed – we’re here for you from the moment you place your order until your products are safely in your possession.

  • Peace of Mind: Shop Without Worry

Purchasing tobacco should be a hassle-free affair. Our Shipping Insurance offers the tranquility you deserve. No longer fret over potential mishaps during delivery – you can now shop with assurance, knowing your investment is protected.

  • Fast Issue Resolution: Because Your Time Is Valuable

Should you face the unfortunate situation of a lost, stolen, or damaged package, rest assured, we’re on your side. Our efficient resolution process for protected orders means any inconvenience is minimized. While unprotected orders might take up to 3 weeks to resolve, Package Protection ensures a prompt resolution in roughly 4 business days.

  • Financial Security: Your Wallet Deserves Protection Too

Concerned about financial loss if something goes awry during shipping? Worry not. Our Shipping Insurance has your financial well-being in mind. Should any issues arise during delivery, we will credit the full amount of your undelivered order back to your Smokes Canada account, into your points accounts. Your funds are secure with us.

  • Affordable and Accessible

Package Protection is designed to be both affordable and accessible to all our esteemed customers. The cost is determined based on the total value of your products before discounts, with a nominal 2% fee for invaluable peace of mind.

Don’t let uncertainty affect your tobacco shopping experience. Opt for Package Protection and take your Smokes Canada experience to new heights of confidence and security. Shop smart, shop without worries – your satisfaction remains our highest priority.



We are not liable for incorrect addresses. While we strive to safeguard your orders during transit, we cannot assume responsibility for inaccuracies in addresses provided during the order process. It’s imperative to verify your shipping details before completing your purchase. Ensuring your address’s accuracy is a collective responsibility that aids in the flawless delivery of your products.


Funds Deposited to in SC Points Only:

In the event that our Package Protection service is needed and a resolution is required, please note that any compensated funds will only be deposited into your points within your Smokes Canada account. This allows you the flexibility to use the credited amount for future purchases with us. We kindly remind you to consider this when choosing Package Protection.