Canadian Premium Original


  • 20 King sized cigarettes in each pack / 10 packs per Carton
  • Robust Smoking Experience: Canadian Premium Original cigarettes are designed to provide a robust and intense smoking experience, catering to those who prefer a bolder taste compared to the brand’s lighter version.
  • Unique Flavor Profile: Crafted from a concentrated blend of premium tobacco, these cigarettes boast a unique flavor profile, offering a deeply satisfying smoking session.
  • Smooth and Well-Balanced: Unlike many other cigarette brands known for their harshness, Canadian Premium Original cigarettes deliver a smooth, well-balanced taste that is gentle on the throat and lungs.
  • Enjoyable and Gratifying: This makes them an excellent option for smokers seeking a more enjoyable and gratifying experience without the potential discomfort associated with certain other brands.
  • Full-Bodied Choice: Along with their delightful flavor, Canadian Premium Original cigarettes are the top choice for anyone in search of a full-bodied, fulfilling smoking experience.
Purchase this item and get 5-37 Points - a worth of $0.13-$0.93
Purchase this item and get 5-37 Points - a worth of $0.13-$0.93
Canadian Premium Original Carton
Canadian Premium Original

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