Eclipse Lights


Features: 20 King size cigarettes per pack – 10 packs per carton

Each carton contains 200 premium cigarettes.

Key Features:

  • Refined Tobacco Blend: Crafted from carefully selected, high-quality tobacco leaves to deliver a smooth and mild smoking experience.
  • Balanced Flavor: Provides a subtle yet satisfying taste with a less intense profile, perfect for those who prefer a lighter cigarette.
  • Smooth Draw: Ensures a smooth and easy draw with every puff, offering a delicate and consistent flavor.
  • Expertly Manufactured: Produced using advanced techniques to ensure a consistent quality and a pleasurable smoking experience in each cigarette.
  • Elegant Packaging: Comes in a sleek, stylish pack that reflects the sophisticated nature of the brand, appealing to smokers who appreciate a refined product.
Purchase this item and get 6-47 Points - a worth of $0.15-$1.18
Purchase this item and get 6-47 Points - a worth of $0.15-$1.18
Eclipse Lights 2
Eclipse Lights

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