Backwoods Cigars – COGNAC XO [Limited Edition]

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NOTE: 1 Pack Contains 5 Premium Cigars

Backwoods Cigars Cognac XO Flavor deliver a distinctive and luxurious smoking experience, blending the robust taste of natural tobacco with the refined, rich notes of XO Cognac. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the flavor profile:

Flavor Profile

  1. Primary Flavors:
    • Cognac Essence: The XO Cognac infusion imparts a sophisticated sweetness, characterized by smooth notes of caramel and vanilla. This creates a warm and velvety undertone that harmonizes with the natural tobacco.
    • Aged Tobacco: The base flavor comes from a blend of high-quality, aged tobaccos, which provide rich, earthy tones and a hint of spiciness. These elements form the foundation of the cigar’s profile, offering depth and complexity.
  2. Secondary Flavors:
    • Oak and Wood: Subtle oak notes, reminiscent of the barrels used in aging Cognac, add a layer of warmth and maturity. This wooden nuance enriches the smoking experience, giving it a refined, woody finish.
    • Fruit and Honey: Mild undertones of dried fruit, such as raisins or apricots, and a hint of honey contribute to the cigar’s sweetness. These flavors add a touch of brightness and enhance the overall complexity.
  3. Tertiary Flavors:
    • Nutmeg and Spice: Delicate hints of nutmeg and mild spices emerge during the smoke, providing a pleasant contrast to the sweeter notes. These spices add a subtle kick and contribute to a balanced flavor profile.
    • Buttery Smoothness: The finish is marked by a buttery smoothness, leaving a creamy aftertaste that complements the sweeter and spicier elements. This adds to the cigar’s appeal, making it satisfying and enjoyable from start to finish.


  • Rich and Inviting: The aroma mirrors the flavor profile, with a rich scent combining the deep, earthy tobacco notes and the sweet, inviting essence of Cognac. The aromatic experience is smooth and refined, making it pleasant for both the smoker and those nearby.

Mouthfeel and Finish

  • Smooth Draw: The cigar provides an easy, smooth draw, allowing the flavors to unfold naturally without harshness or bitterness.
  • Velvety Finish: The finish is long-lasting and velvety, with the Cognac notes lingering on the palate. The combination of sweetness, wood, and spice creates a harmonious conclusion to the smoking experience.

Overall Experience

Backwoods Cigars Cognac XO Flavor offer a unique blend of traditional tobacco richness and the luxurious sweetness of XO Cognac. The result is a smooth, flavorful smoke that is both robust and refined. This blend is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet approachable cigar, making it ideal for leisurely smoking sessions, special occasions, or pairing with a fine drink.

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a casual smoker, the Cognac XO Flavor provides a memorable and enjoyable experience, marked by its balance of earthy tobacco and sweet, complex Cognac notes.


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Backwoods Cigar Cognac XO Limited Edition
Backwoods Cigars – COGNAC XO [Limited Edition]

Original price was: $25.99.Current price is: $16.99.

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